Friday, August 18, 2006

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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Poem "The Look" written by me about a DV survivor

The Look

As I sit here holding my hook,
All I can see is the look.
The look that is given,
By a woman in need.
The look that is given,
When we do a good deed.

The look is often missed,
As we hurry on our way.
Saying to ourselves,
I just don’t have time today.
A missed opportunity,
To ease her disparity.

The look of her baby,
As she thinks maybe, just maybe.
One day we’ll be safe at last,
We will have our chance.
I’ll grow stronger and,
Snap out of this trance.

The look of gratitude,
The look of relief.
As she sighs and turns,
Knowing all her concerns.
Of warmth this night,
Are now all right.

As she goes to her rest,
She feels she’s been blessed.
With the caring fingers,
And a look that lingers.
The look of an angel,
Who has given her hope.