Friday, August 07, 2009

Getting going...again

Well, yet again all of my best laid plans (from months ago) went WAY out the window and I have not been updating my blog as I really wanted to...well other than a few pics here and there.  I discovered mobile blogging and almost got carried away. 

I have been spending some time over the last few weeks crocheting and getting caught up on some of my projects that I wanted to get finished....but then a couple new projects popped up and well, I still haven't finished the old ones yet!  I joined (my profile there is:  mary1293 ) and today decided to start getting things set up there.  I am liking it so far!  Although the thought of entering my ENTIRE stash is daunting to say the least!  It's going to be fun though,  get to go through all my yarn and plan and play!  The first project entered in as finished is the baby afghan that I made for my sister (due in Oct).....but no pictures cause I don't want her peeking.

I think I am going to take next week and get my computer organized as well as getting my stash entered into the computer.....and well maybe it will get done in a couple years...LOL!  I see this as another excuse to do some mobile blogging...well picture blogging...after all a picture is worth a thousands words, right?!?  I wish now that I would have taken pics of my craft room before and after I organized it...well it is still a work in progress so I may just do that anyway, while going through my stash.

I'm going to go through all of my social profiles and networking sites and get those updated......some of them are just going to get deleted, so my list here will get smaller and smaller.  Ya know, I need to also get my pictures organized.  I have thousands of pictures that have no names, that I have just put onto the computer in a folder somewhere to be dealt with later just to empty the memory card on the camera....that needs some attention as well!  I am going to have to decide the best way and place to organize my online pics.....I have stuff sooooo scattered!