Thursday, September 17, 2009

Child bearer needed...

My sister is pregnant and due next month, so she is of course shopping for baby stuff anywhere she can find something affordable.  She just sent me this following email....I wanted to share it here, because I thought it was funny!!  And, this isn't just one of those fake internet jokes, it is real; which to me is what makes it even funnier!  It's funny when typos/spelling errors end up changing the entire meaning of something!

Okay, so I’m shopping Craigs List to get some baby things and I come across this post and just HAD to open it to see what they REALLY wanted….


Child Bearer Wanted

Inside the post said:

Want door way bearer. Needed to keep a pet out of certain areas. Please call (then gave phone number).


I have to admit I was wondering what kind of person would post an ad in the kids/baby section for a child bearer…I mean really, that sounds more like it should be in the personals LOL.