Wednesday, December 30, 2009

10 little dogs

No, this is not a remix of the Ten Little Indians song we all learned as kids...this is serious...

The shelter, where my mom and step-dad adopted their furry little bundle of joy, sent this out on behalf of ten little dogs (ankle biters all...don’t cha know) that are in need of shelter.  Yes this happens to be a plea and cry (or is that a whimper and yelp) for at the moment...simply to spring these little guys from the slammer....but guess what it is NOT... is not a is very real.  So, please read the below, and if you are in NC or SC (or well even if you can’t...most people still own those things that I recall being called checkbooks) and can help. please do or if you know of someone that can help...please pass this on.  Thanks!

If you would feel better about it, look up the phone number (shelter name is at the bottom down there) and call them, before you just go off all willy-nilly sending money around the world!

There are 10 little dogs really need your help.
These dogs were confiscated by animal control from a backyard
breeder/hoarder situation in NC.  The officer said the conditions they
were in were horrible.  They were living in crates in their own filth.
Surprisingly, considering their condition, The dogs actually have
good temperaments and are not really afraid of humans.  We should be
able to find them homes!
These little ones are coming to Dreamweaver Farms:  The dogs are: 2
male & 1 female shih tzus, 2 male mini poodles, 3 female toy poodles
and 1 male & 1 female maltese.
The animal shelter they are in are requiring us to pay upfront the
fees associated with them.  We are paying $ 55 for the males and $ 80
for the females.
Please help us get these little ones to safety and let these little
guys have a better start to their New Year!!  You can mail a check to:
Carolina Poodle Rescue, Business Office, 10901 Reidville Rd, Greer, SC
29651.  Or visit our website
and click on any of the donation options
to contribute for them.  In the memo section specify 10 dogs.

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