Thursday, December 31, 2009

10 Words We All Need to Stop Misspelling

Ok, so I do make some of these mistakes myself...let me see which ones...


30 Dec 2009

Created by The Oatmeal

With this first not get either of these words confused with loss either!  Loss means something that is, at the most basic level, lost.

This one I have always taken to be a typo...but when I think about it we have always been taught ‘i’ before ‘e’ except after ‘c’ or when sounded as a as in neighbor and weigh....well weird this word doesn’t fit that rule.  There are a few others that don’t either...hehehe, either is one of them!  Neither, foreign, height, leisure, seize.

Getting these next three sets of words confused is my 2nd pet peeve (my 1st is below) that will make me not read another word that person has to say. 

This next one is one that I always misspell but not with an ‘a’...I usually spell it definetly but I usually catch it when I proof read...but I don’t always proof read either!


This one is confusing for almost everyone....when people make this mistake, it can be over looked most of the time...unless it is someone that asks like they are perfect...then it is wonderful to point it out to them!


I don’t see this mistake very often...


I am guilty of this...I forget that little space ALOT!  LOL!


Ok, this is number 1 biggest per peeve as far as writing goes.  This one is so basic...I not only can’t finish reading that particular piece (whatever it may be...article, email, IM, whatever)...I rarely look at the person in the same light ever again...most people that make this mistake repeatedly make excuses when you point it out to them and rather than learning from it, they continue to make this mistake over and over again, making themselves look like uneducated idiots!