Tuesday, March 24, 2009

a book for kids who have been molested or sexually abused (or well for the parents....just read the blog entry)

Please feel free to share this far and wide....this may help some of you with your kids that have had to endure sexual abuse. Please read it your self first before having any kids read I have not read the book!! But, wanted to pass along the info asap...rather than you having to wait for me to afford the book then get and read it! there is a preview on the site...I am mobile though and so don't have the ability to read it.....Link at bottom of paragraph...well if it comes through....if not google the name of the book and the authors name together.

".....A Child's Heart Speaks is a heart breaking and compelling true story of two children who survived severe sexual abuse from a juvenile perpetrator—their older half brother. The reader gains a true glimpse into the personality, and tactics used by juveniles and adults to manipulate children into silence. The story serves as a call to action for all adults who care about children. The author, Claire Silva also incorporates national interviews with adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse. Through their stories, the reader is able to understand some of the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual struggles survivors go through, and what helps survivors heal......."