Saturday, March 13, 2010

Hookin’ for a Cause- Recap Episode 1: Basics and Supplies

During the live recording I mentioned several links and posted them into the chat area.  Since the chat area clears when the show is over I am posting the links here for everyone.

During today’s show, Basics and Supplies, we learned three basic stitches:  chain (ch), single crochet (sc) and double crochet (dc).  I also talked about various yarn types and sizes as well as various hook sizes.  If you missed the show you can watch it here:

Good place to buy yarn in bulk quantities at VERY discounted rates:

Good place to buy any craft items, including crochet supplies:

Of course you don’t have to buy your yarn and hooks and supplies online, you can buy them from Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, Wal-Mart, a specialty yarn store or anywhere else you can find them!

Social network for yarn crafters, knitters and crocheters:

My profile on Ravelry, if you join, look me up:

A fan page on Facebook that has beautiful designs:!/pages/CroChet/77141923060?v=wall&ref=ts  (this is not mine although I do follow this fan page)

The charity that one of the Army of Angels knits for:

Friday, March 12, 2010

Hookin’ for a Cause- My New Live Show


During a video chat with the Army of Angels we were talking about various things and the subject of knitting and crochet came up.  Someone mentioned that they knit squares for a charity.  That led to me jumping in to say that I crochet and have crocheted for charities.  Well...the conversation went from there to now I am doing a live show online every Saturday at 3pm EST to teach crochet.

Our plan is to learn just the basics at first, making squares to attach together into afghans and lapghans to gift to various outlets that help abused women and children.  The first show is tomorrow ( March 13th) and during that show I will go over the very basics. 

I will be talking about what supplies you need to have on hand to get started.  I will discuss the different hooks and sizes as well as the different yarn textures, sizes and prices.  I will be giving links during that show to various online resources for buying yarns and hooks and also to a few yarn craft social networks that are I have found to be useful as well as fun.

I will be using Ustream for this live broadcast.  For those that are not familiar with Ustream, basically you will be able to hear and see me live and next to the video there is a chat area where those watching can chat or ask questions and make comments live during the show.  I will be monitoring that chat stream throughout the show so that it is more interactive; allowing for questions as we go along.

The Ustream channel for the show, Hookin’ for a Cause, is:

Even if you are not a member of the Army of Angels please feel free to join us!  If you would just like to learn crochet and do not plan to use your new craft/hobby for charity...that is fine too, join us anyway!

I look forward to seeing many people joining in to learn how to crochet! Those that already crochet are welcome as well...we will be moving forward from the basics quickly.



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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

It’s Heart Month...go jump a rope...what?

No, that is not just some random title...this post is actually about jumping rope.  No, I’m not the one jumping rope (and even if I were, I’m not taping it) and I am not asking any of you to jump rope...

But, in case you missed out on wearing red on Friday the 5th for Go Red for Women Day or whatever that was...

Women are not the only ones that can have heart trouble, kids can too (and well men of course too...not tryin’ to leave ya’ll out of this!); and that is why elementary schools around the country are teaching kids about heart health this month.  They are raising awareness, and money, along with teaching prevention steps to young kids!

My nephew is doing the American Heart Association Jump Rope for Heart Program through his school.  Please go to his page here:  American Heart/American Stroke Association: to read about what the program is and what he is doing.  He is still young yet so there is no donating for him doing so many jumps or for a certain time frame.  Just an overall donation that helps him to reach the goal he set and helps those that are in turn helped by the American Heart Association.

thermometer-30Along with doing the day of recognition and awareness of heart disease at the school the kids will learn about how to keep their hearts healthy.  From what I understand they are all going to be jumping rope together that day. 

There is more information about the program on his site, so please go there and read it (American Heart/American Stroke Association: ) and make your donation.  Damara already did hers....her mama is being lazy, I haven’t gotten mine in yet!  LOL! 

My nephew has raised 30% of his goal as of this morning!!

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Monday, February 08, 2010

Fraud Crackdown in Virginia

I am putting this here as a favor to someone for others to copy and pass on as they see fit...
Official Press Release
There are thousands of cases here in VA where the courts are pay for play in cases of child abuse, rape and domestic abuse. We have finally gotten someone to look into the corruption, but to get them to take action, we need as many people to report to the US Attorney here. Please call, write or email the following people.   According to the Daily Press, 2/6/2010, Page 4, Crime Notebook, they are seeking information on State and Local corruption.  Please Tweet this information.

"Fraud crackdown  By Ashley Kelly and Peter Dujardin

The Eastern Virginia District of the United States Attorney's Office had hired two people to crack down on financial fraud and public corruption.

The U.S, Attorney's Office is expanding its fraud unit by hiring fraud prosecutors and increasing its ability to prosecute financial fraud, including securities fraud and mortgage fraud.  The office says the potential for fraud also is high as a result of billions in federal spending being directed at recovery efforts.

The number of public corruption cases handled by the Eastern Virginia District has increased from 11 in 2005 to 21 in 2009.

Charles Connolly was named chief of the fraud unit.  An assistant U.S. attorney in the Eastern District of Virginia since 2002.  Connolly has served as the office's corporate fraud and health care fraud coordinator.

Mark Lytle was named district wide public integrity coordinator.  His job will be to expand the office's ability to investigate and prosecute potential corruption by federal, state and local officials.

Lytle has served as an assistant U.S. attorney in the office since 2004 and recently concluded the conviction of former Congressman William J. Jefferson on bribery, racketeering, and money laundering charges , according to a news release."

The people to contact are Charles Connolly and Mark Lytle

US Attorney's Office
101 W Main Street
Suite 8000
Norfolk, VA 23510-1671
(757) 441-6331
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Sunday, January 31, 2010

God can't use you?

Yes, this is one of those pesky email forwards..but I liked it so I’m posting it...

The next time you feel like God can't use YOU, just remember...

•             Noah was a drunk

•             Abraham was too old

•             Isaac was a daydreamer

•             Jacob was a liar

•             Leah was ugly

•             Joseph was abused

•             Moses had a stuttering problem

•             Gideon was afraid

•             Samson had long hair and was a womanizer

•             Rahab was a prostitute

•             Jeremiah and Timothy were too young

•             David had an affair and was a murderer

•             Elijah was suicidal

•             Isaiah preached naked

•             Jonah ran from God

•             Naomi was a widow

•             Job went bankrupt

•             John the Baptist ate bugs

•             Peter denied Christ

•             The Disciples fell asleep while praying

•             Martha worried about everything

•             The Samaritan woman was divorced, more than once

•             Zaccheus was too small

•             Paul was too religious

•             Timothy had an ulcer...AND

•             Lazarus was dead!

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Friday, January 22, 2010

Carolina Poodle Rescue needs transport help

The below was passed to me via email.  If you are in the Harrisonburg, VA or Roanoke, VA areas and could give about 3 to 4 hours of your time helping with this, please read below and use the contact information given.

Please pass this on to anyone that you may know of in those areas that may be willing to help out.

This Transport is for Carolina Poodle Rescue. If you can help, please contact me at I will need your full name, home and cell #'s as
well as a description of your vehicle.

DATE: Sun. 1/24

DATA: The Shelter in Clarksburg,WV had a fire. Luckily, Petey was in
a different building. He is a STD Poodle X and is UTD. He will be
neutered upon arrival at CPR's Dreamweaver Farm in Pacolet,SC. where
he will fatten up and look for his approved forever home. He is
underweight at approx 50 lbs. He will be traveling with Certified Vet
papers and certificate and collar/leash.

Hagerstown,MD to Harrisonburg,Va... 2 hr. 40 min....113 mi.....FILLED
Harrisonburg,Va to Roanoke,VA......2hrs.....97 mi.......NEEDED
Roanoke,Va to Mt. Airy,NC....1 hr. 50 min....107 mi....NEEDED
Mt.Airy,NC to Charlotte,NC....1 hr. 45 min......99 mi.............FILLED
Charlotte,NC to Pacolet,SC.....1 1/2 hr..........70  mi............FILLED

Thanks so much!!! I look forward to hearing from anyone who can help
Petey find the loving home he deserves!!!! This Transport will leave
Hagerstown approx. 9:00 Sun morning.

Bunny Brown
Transportation Coordinator
Carolina Poodle Rescue

Monday, January 18, 2010

No playing ball in the house

They both know that separately they are not allowed to play ball in the house...that apparently doesn't apply if both are sitting calmly! LOL! They didn't think they'd get caught!  (I think I have the video actually working this time)

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Thursday, January 07, 2010

Well that sums it up, perfectly!


Sunday, January 03, 2010

UPDATE: 10 Little Dogs

This is just an update from Carolina Poodle Rescue about the 10 little dogs I posted about the other day....

Here is a quick update on the 10 little dogs.
Chelle and Karen pulled in about 4 pm with a van load of very scared
little dogs. Thanks to everyone who helped get them here. Everybody
is in isolation as several have kennel cough. I saw one little shih
tzu who has a scarred eye and most of them have some sort of flea
allergy dermatitis. Dirty dirty little dogs, but we'll change that
Thanks again for helping us get these to safety.  Your help brought
these little ones to us.