Friday, September 30, 2011

Halloween is Right Around the Corner! BOO!

As some of you know I’ve started a shop on to sell my handmade items.  One of the teams I’ve joined on Etsy has started a blog and I’m an author on there (well and the blog admin for now too Smile )  But anyway, I wanted to share the below blog post that I posted on the team blog today.  Enjoy!  If you would like to follow the team blog to see what we are doing the link is:

Since all the stores have started pulling out the Halloween costumes and decorations I thought it about time for us to do the same.  We have a TEAM TREASURY going right now with nothing but Halloween items from out shops.  Come take a look around, click on your favorite items, purchase them today or mark them as a favorite to come back to later!  If you like the whole collection, please let us know by favorite-ing it.

Want a sneak peak??

Lets start out getting into the mood with some decorations, shall we....

image    image    image

Now how bout we get ready to take the kids out to get their candy....

image    image

Now let’s get ourselves ready for the party....

image    image    image

The night is over and we are back home... top it all off with a nice relaxing bubble bath to soothe away the aches and pains from all that walking, standing or dancing we have done!!


Interested in buying now?  Go to the TREASURY and click on your items, that will take you straight to a page where you can buy directly from the person who made the item. 


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