Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Crocheting with Hemp

Anyone that crochet’s or knows a person who crochet’s knows that crocheters will attempt to crochet with any material that will bend ... so it’s not that surprising that I decided to try crocheting with hemp.  I make jewelry using hemp rope so thought I should trying crocheting with it.  I thought hemp would make a good material for pot scrubbies because of its semi-roughness and flexibility.   I’m sure, however, that I am not the first person to ever think of this... I just didn’t bother to look it up and see.
I made a simple little scubbie which didn’t take much of the rope at all.  The first thing that I noticed was that when hemp is bent and pulled several times it starts to  I was trying to decide on a design so I would crochet a little then rip it out, which is how I discovered this.  I just hope that once wet it doesn’t smell horrible!
I also decided that even if this little thing works well, I probably will not be making very many of them... crocheting with hemp is a little rough on the fingers.  It didn’t actually take more than 10 minutes to make though, so maybe I will make more, just not
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     This is the little scrubbie that I made.  I’m not good at writing patterns, but have attempted to write below the pattern for this.

Using a G hook and #48 Hemp ch 13
Row 1: In 4th ch from hook dc, dc in each ch to end (11dc)  ch 3, turn
Row 2:  *sc in next dc, dc in next sc; repeat from * to end (11 stitches) ch 1, turn
Row 3:  *dc in next sc, sc in next dc; repeat from * to end (11 stitches) ch 3, turn
Row 4-7:  Repeat rows 2 and 3 twice more
Row 8:  Repeat row 2 with the exception of ch 3 then turn
Row 9:  dc across, finish off
Weave in beginning and ending tail

Monday, March 28, 2011

To Delete or Not to Delete: My Ponderance of Blogging

While going through my Google Reader, which was LONG overdue, I actually took the time to read some posts on blogs that I follow... but don’t really keep up with the way I want to.  The one that prompted this blog post is on Angela Shelton’s Blog, To Blog or Not to Blog.  I’ve been thinking for the past couple of days that I should be blogging more, both here and on Tailored Life Coaching (TLC).  Really, what’s the point in having these blogs if I’m not going to use them. 

I have a few other blogs that are not under my real name... those I tend to keep up with a little better.  I think it is because they are just informative blogs, copy paste type blogs where I actually have to say very little.  Whereas my two main blogs should have some thought behind the posts.  Reading Angela’s post today really made sense to me though, in light of my recent pondering of my own blogs. 

When I first started this blog it was with the intention to allow only my close friends and family access to it... it was an effort to save time by posting things here that I would usually email to individuals or call people about.  I guess it, at times, has also taken on the role of being a sort of online journal for me rant, vent, or whatever.  This blog has always been for me (rather than me writing for others benefit) and about various things... thus the randomness of the posts.

I go through cycles of wanting to delete it, then I remember an email or message I’ve gotten from someone way back whenever, saying something positive about my post(s) here.  So, after much thought today I am going to forego the hitting of that ‘delete blog’ button that rears its ugly head at me from time to time, and start making time to blog about the things in life that actually matter to me.

One of those things is Domestic Violence (DV) and all that it entails.  Actually, my DV advocacy is what prompted the TLC Blog in the first place.  There was a two-fold purpose in that... first was because I wanted a place to help DV (and sexual assault (SA) and child abuse(CA)) victims and survivors with their healing and going on with their lives.  My second reason was that all my friends and family do not need to or want to read/see all the posts related to healing from the trauma of DV/SA/CA. 

Other blogs that I have are about DV Advocacy from the view point of making others aware of what goes on behind closed doors... so many people have no clue about DV until they find themselves or a friend going through it.  In my opinion awareness and healing information types need to be separate... but have I now spread myself so thin that just the thought of blogging anything anywhere is daunting?  I think I may have.

So it’s back to basics

Do I need all these different blogs?  Yeah, I think I do... for several reasons.  DV isn’t the only thing I have an interest in and is not the one and only thing that defines me as a person... thus the need for this blog.  I want to share what I’m doing in life that is positive without all the focus on a negative past... which also leads to the TLC Blog and it’s purpose, so that blog will stay as well... I can leave it there for those that need that type of thing.

So without further ado... expect to see more blogging going on here about crocheting, books I’m reading, classes I’m taking, random things that cross my mind ... but mostly just about ME living my life.

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Half Full or Half Empty

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