Thursday, August 22, 2013

Facebook Crash Course for Small Business Owners

I’m seeing more and more Small Business Owners making Facebook Fan Pages for their shops and I love it!  It is an easy way to show off new items listed and communicate with customers and potential customers.  It gives your business a personality of its own, while still showing the real person behind your small business.

Facebook in and of itself can be so in-depth that people are writing articles and marketing technique books that cover nothing but Facebook Fan Pages and how to leverage their use for your business.  I’m going to limit this article to just a few small tips and pointers to get you going.  So if you are new to Facebook Fan Pages or want to start one, this article is for you!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Moms Helping Moms

I have recently been asked to assist in an effort to help empower DV victims and survivors, especially those that are mothers, to stop their own personal cycle of economic abuse.   Many times women return to their abusers simply because they can not afford to do anything else.  Those that do not return quickly find themselves needing to pay bills and legal fees for a divorce or custody battle that they simply can not afford.  A Facebook Page and Group have been set up for just this purpose!

The FB Page:  Moms Business Idea and Support is a collective effort to bring buyers and sellers together in one place.  It is a page where women can buy and sell things and know that they are supporting another woman out there that is in the same position they are, or has been there before.  Some of the women selling things on or through the page have online stores and shops already set up, others do not.  Those that do not have an online shop are encouraged to post a picture and description of the item on the page.  This is a cost effective way for women to offer items they wish to sell to a wide audience, while gaining tips to economic freedom along the way.

The FB Group:  MBIS Discussion Group is a closed group affiliated with the Moms Business Idea and Support FB Page.  The discussion group is more of a behind the scenes area where no advertising takes places.  The group discusses ways to make money, ideas for starting a small business, and information on how to run a small business.  The group is a great place to network with other women/moms, brainstorm ideas and ask questions.

Please stop by the Page and ‘like’ it to show your support.  If you have questions about your own small business or have items you need to sell please post them to the page and join the discussion group by clicking the links to them above! 


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