Friday, April 03, 2015

Loom Knit Stitch: Cat Tail - Rabo de Gato

I found this stitch on Pinterest and after doing some research I can not really find anything written in English with any information.  I typed ‘rabo de gato’ into Google translate to come up with the name ‘cat tail’.  This may be wrong.

This is a double knitting stitch for a knitting loom.  Both sides look the same.

Multiples of 2 pegs per board, greater than 6.

rabodegato cat tail

rabodegato cat tail 2

This is the original wrapping diagram picture that I worked from, found on Pinterest.  I wrapped starting on the left side, following the red line.  I do not flip or turn my board, so when I got to the end I followed the blue line from right to left to wrap the remaining pegs.
rabo de gato cat tail

I worked my swatch using:  Caron Simply Soft White on the Tadpole Knitting Board 6 inch made by Authentic Knitting Board.